Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lucky Beer

Good thing my husband likes to try new beers. I think sometimes he buys the beer if he thinks I will like the bottle,ahhhhhhhh. Well, he picked a good one. It was all green but I of course had to emboss it with gold and a little turquoise and red for his mala of course. Now I will finish him with some beads and he will be on his way to someone special:-) Hope you have a Lucky Day.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Maggie Mae

This is my constant companion, Maggie. She loves to be at my side at all times. She likes the comfortable couch in my new craftroom. She had to lay on the floor in my old craft room. Poor baby!!! I finished painting the room it is a lovely shade of teal.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. It is raining here in LA. I love it and it is so needed here. Smiles:))))


Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Retreat

I recently moved my craft room to a larger room after my daughter moved out. She only moved 5 minutes away and I love my new space. Tucked away in a little corner has become my favorite place to be. Yesterday I added a little coffee table. It is actually my mother's old sewing machine stool that I covered with a scarf and an inexpensive rattan tray from Pier One. I spray painted it and added a beautiful candle and VOILA!!!! I still have to paint the walls, they are an obvious bright green now. I think a trip to Lowes is order. I love my new creative space.Have a lovely Sunday!!  Smiles:-)))))))


Friday, March 16, 2012

Gopher Hunt

The hunt is on....I have a major gopher problem in my back yard. I have one wire haired fox terrier who is on a constant hunt for this varmit. Today I am dogsitting for my daughters dog, Jack, a pit bull. Who will be the lucky one to pull it out of the hole?  I of course will freak out when it happens.  I will keep you posted. Have a wonderful weekend:-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Prayer Flags

So, this is my first project with my new sewing machine. I used old blouses from my have not worn in a hundred years closet. My stitching is off, the tension is not right but for this little bit of sewing it is ok. I will now finish stamping them with sentiments  and hang them outside. The words dissolve in the breeze to spread to all the wind has touched. Lovely isn't it!!!! Peace and smiles to all:-)


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let the sewing begin...or maybe not!!!

Ok, so thank you HSN for letting me get this cute little machine for 4 easy payments:-) Works for me. I really don't know how to sew but I have this new little area in my craft room that I would like to make curtains and pillows. How hard could that be? Well, I watched the video and read the instructions( a first for me) and actually got it threaded and working. Of course I have no fabric so I found some old clothes in the garage that were on their way to a thrift store. Yea.....I am on my way!!! I hope to start making pillows.
This is my new space that I am decorating very bohemian. It is in my craft room where I spend 99% of my time, or so I think. My dogs love to keep me company on the couch when I am in here. THey like to toss all the pillows around, I have to make sure they don't think one of my pillows are one of their babies. They love stuffed animals. My husband goes every week to the swap meet to buy them babies. The vendor can't believe they destroy them as fast as they do. THey fight over it and there is stuffing everywhere.  Gotta love it. Well, wish me luck on my new sewing adventure.......I am really excited!!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Answered Prayers???

I came across this picture on A Dreamers Den and just had to repost it. I have had an old church pew for over thirty years. I so wish I had the history on it. I will never know where it came from. I can only believe that it was a comfort to some at a time when they needed it. I like to believe that prayers were answered and songs of praise came from it. Seeing this picture makes me want to decorate mine, I never thought to do that. I am inspired!! My bench is the bottom one, antique painting of an old Mission hangs above. I love the old Mission feel:-)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

Childhood memories come to mind you remember picking flowers and saying He Loves Me He Loves Me Not........I don't remember having this many daisies to pick from. My flower pot is busting at the seams with lovliness.
Maybe You remember looking at cloud formations and naming them. My friend Mary and I  used to lay on the grass looking up and find all different things. Funny, we also used to try to figure out how many telephone poles it took to get up to heaven. I still have lazy days when I still do these things. Life is precious. I wish you days of daisies.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poppy's Gypsy Girl

My dad was known to everyone as Poppy. He was the greatest man in the whole world. He raised me after my mom died, I was 12. When I got my first apartment in the late 60's he always said he felt like he was going to get his fortune told when he visited. Yes, I had quite the eclectic place. Beads, candles, Lanterns and lots of Goodwill furniture. I loved it!!! Poppy passed in 1994 but he is in my heart always.

Beautiful daughter(Poppy'sGypsyGrandaughter)

photo by Harmony

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Almighty Sky

I love to capture the painted sky. Tonight was exceptionally beautiful!


St. Frances Shrine

This wire rack used to hold votives but not any more. I will collect the rest of the six and continue hanging them. Does anyone have an opinion if it matters if I hang it upright? I have an actual bottle tree and all the bottles hang upside down to catch the bad spirits.  I want to place flowers in each bottle to make it a shrine. I don't think St Frances minds the beer bottles:-) I hope your day is lovely.


Blue beer bottle

Who would think a beer bottle could be so pretty. Well, my husband did not, he threw the bottle away. Silly man................I drilled a hole in the bottom, wrapped it with wire and now I will add some crystals to it and hang it outside. Beautiful eye candy!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


For any of you that love crosses like I do, here is part of my collection. I love religious artifacts. I have a collection of St Francis in my home also. He is the patron saint of animals and ecology. When given the chance I like to visit old churches and missions.
I will post more pictures....please accept my attempt at the photography.
My daughter bought me this on a little train trip to San Juan Capistrano. It really is quite nice without the flash glare.  I'm trying:-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lonely Orange

This is the last orange on the tree.....Well, I must confess, it was the ONLY orange on the tree.  I gave it lots of TLC but I guess it just wasn't ready. 
Small but juicy....little tart. Maybe it's a lemon tree????

Valentine Angel

Valentine Angel

She is keeping watch over the flowers in my garden. She must take naps though because something finds it 's way in and eats them while she is sleeping. As I speak, my wire haired fox terrier, Maggie, is digging her way to what seams the bottom of the earth to get a gopher.
I hope everyone enjoys a beautiful Valentine's Day. Hearts go out to all of you:-)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

winter sky

I know we have all seen a picture with the sky as a background. I forget sometimes how serene a winter sky can be. We all love beautiful sunsets, but there is something to be said for this beautiful masterpiece. May you find Peace with all the beautiful works of God in the sky.

Let the fun begin!

Ok, so this is going to be my first attempt in a while. I was inspired by a fellow blogger, Linda. I can't blog if I don't try....right? Drum roll please......................