Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Retreat

I recently moved my craft room to a larger room after my daughter moved out. She only moved 5 minutes away and I love my new space. Tucked away in a little corner has become my favorite place to be. Yesterday I added a little coffee table. It is actually my mother's old sewing machine stool that I covered with a scarf and an inexpensive rattan tray from Pier One. I spray painted it and added a beautiful candle and VOILA!!!! I still have to paint the walls, they are an obvious bright green now. I think a trip to Lowes is order. I love my new creative space.Have a lovely Sunday!!  Smiles:-)))))))



  1. I love the space Donna...and that tray color is beautiful...I love turquoise ... anything turquoise...LOL...Love all those Bohemian scarfs as well...

  2. aww your daughter moved out :)
    great post!

  3. I must say...I would love a craft room as nice as yours! Love all the pretty colors. Thanks for visiting and following Shabby Sweet Tea!

  4. Replying back to your comment at Shabby Sweet Tea...
    Thos vintage wedding items are super pricy! Wish we lived closer; I could make things for you...
    I've never used Old Violet. Please post a picture!! I can't wait to see. Email me if you have any questions along the way.